Crafting Experiences

It is wisdom, art and creativity that inform our approach to crafting impactful experiences with and for our Clients.  Whether coaching leaders, facilitating team engagement, or leading learning experiences, we design encounters that uniquely weave together elements of organisational, behavioural and leadership research, industry experience, depth psychology, gestalt theory, and positive psychology.  With our Client at the centre always, we endeavour to co-create experiences that catalyse positive shift.

Our offerings include:

WILD Wisdom©

A leadership development offering that engages wisdom stories in strengthening individual leaders and groups of leaders.  Myth and stories provide us with a landscape – a liminal map – upon which to explore, journey and restore balance and clarity. Often profoundly inspiring and transformative, this series taps into archetypal patterns, symbolism and stories, as powerful maps for personal and group development.

Available as individual coaching, and as a group coaching offering.

The Architecture of Healing-Innovation©

A two-day deep exploration of the leadership, organisational and cultural components required to ignite innovation and transform trauma.  This interactive experience invites leaders and organisational specialists to engage with enabling the whole to strengthen and inspire generativity and innovation. Understanding the architecture enables the clarity needed to effectively strategise, plan, engage and implement. 

We also provide a 90 minute professional speaking engagements on Healing-Innovation in organisations. 

Gestalt Facilitation

The Gestalt Facilitation series is a set of learning experiences designed to equip educators, facilitators, trainers, coaches and leaders with a range of experiential methods and techniques for facilitating group processes.  Sessions are designed to develop knowledge, to leverage the wisdom of experience and reflection, and to inspire innovation and additional ways of being.

Creative arts and expression, embodiment, and dialogic processes, are core to the methods and techniques shared.