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Deep commitment to whole systems strength and effectiveness, to supporting the renegotiation of trauma-related stress symptoms, and to the application of creative expression as a pathway to healthier functioning, led to  founding The Centre for Gestalt Leadership.

Through many, many years of combined experience we realised that organisational change and efficiency initiatives are limited in their impact without leaders deepening their own capacity to adapt to ensuing systemic changes as well as increasing, ever-present environmental complexities.  

 Organisational initiatives are generally limited in their return in the absence of ongoing efforts to cultivate the system’s health. 

Dedicated to contributing to building healthy, innovative organisations, the Centre for Gestalt Leadership is an association of organisational leadership and effectiveness experts who are also mental health professionals.  We are founded in a commitment to support the emotional and mental strengthening required for leaders to engage with greater levels of organisational complexity, and to enable organisational environments that bring about health.

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